Monday, April 30, 2018

Alter Ego Macarena Aaay!, May Polish Pickup

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Cheers to a new week! I enjoyed my weekend, as it was the first weekend in a loooong time without grading. But of course, I also knew that I would be getting a hugggeeee stack of papers this week. Well, now I'm off to show you the latest offering from Alter Ego for Polish Pickup. What's funny is I literally saw the Macarena video on MTV classic the other week. And ya, I did the whole dance in my bedroom.
Alter Ego Macarena Aaay!, May Polish Pickup

Firstly, can we just talk about tomorrow?

Now back to polish!

Alter Ego Macarena Aaay!: 2 coats. This is totally the girl with the blue wig's shorts. I think those shorts are back in now haha. It's the palest lilac metallic silver polish. It's like so bright and I'm so confused by it but it's really vibrant. This would be an awesome iPhone color to the rose gold. This is like lilac platinum!

Alter Ego Macarena Aaay!, May Polish Pickup

Alter Ego Macarena Aaay!, May Polish Pickup

Then I wanted to show how this color works with Alter Ego's She Shines top coat. Obviously, the color didn't require top coat, but I wanted to share it with you. It's not a fast drying top coat, but it is shiny! I actually love to use this top coat on water decals and nail stickers, as the fast drying ones are too harsh and disintegrate the image. It retails for $7 HERE.

Alter Ego Macarena Aaay!, May Polish Pickup

Macarena Aaay! wll be available exclusively via Polish Pickup May 4th-7th. Alter Ego does a special pricing of $8.00 for Polish Pickup. 

Polish Pickup: SHOP, Facebook 
Alter Ego Body Care Products: SHOP, Facebook, Instagram

Products in the post were provided for honest opinion.  

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  1. Lilac Platinum is the perfect description for this color!! It’s totally unique and perfectly captures that chicks shorts!

  2. Thank you for your detailed review! Your mani and photos are stunning!

  3. This is so vibrant! It kind of has the reflective quality that frost polishes had back in the 90s without the difficult formulas and hard-to-control brushstrokes.


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