Saturday, March 10, 2018

Born Pretty Rainbow Gradient Decals

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More neon and rainbow! I prefer water decals for art, and I loved these fun designs. I gravitated toward to rainbow roses, so I was excited when these arrived!

Born Pretty Rainbow Gradient Decals

I love the look of these designs! It's a gradient without doing any of the work, except I did some gradients LOL. There's 12 nails for a full manicure, with an extra in case you mess up. Then you can see on the left, there's small accents for a half moon, or just a small detail.

Born Pretty Rainbow Gradient Decals

If you recognize the gradient, it's because I originally did it for this look, but decided to do it on all my nails. I painted my center nails white, and then followed the directions for the water decals.

After I soaked the decal, and slipped it on my nail, I was supposed to blow dry the decal. Yea, I was lazy and did not do the blow dry. Because of that, the decal did crinkle. So follow the directions and blow dry the decal!

Born Pretty Rainbow Gradient Decals

Born Pretty Rainbow Gradient Decals

I do love the overall look of these decals, and will definitely wear the other designs AND follow the directions! For under a dollar, you get a ton of water decals. This is set #3. There's 3 full manis and then accents for extras. You can find the three patterns HERE. Don't forget to use PDX31 for 10% off Born Pretty purchases.

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  1. Gradients without the work? Yes, please! This turned out great!

  2. These are fantastic in every way ♡

  3. I didn't know you are supposed to blow dry them! I will have to try that next time.

    1. These directions said to. So I will do it next time!


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