Monday, June 19, 2017

Stamping with Jessica Cosmetics Prime Collection

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Hi All! I had a feeling when I swatched Jessica Cosmetics Prime Collection HERE that they would stamp. I was particularly excited for the yellow and green polishes! Well, I tested them out so let's see. 

Stamping with Jessica Cosmetics Prime Collection

First, here's the colors over black and white. I suspected some would not appear over black, but I'm okay with that! 

Jessica Cosmetics Magenta

Jessica Cosmetics Orange

Here's the yellow that I was so excited for! IT'S AMAZING!
Jessica Cosmetics Yellow

Jessica Cosmetics Green

The next two are a bit sheerer. But I assumed that given their formula. 
Jessica Cosmetics Blue

Jessica Cosmetics Purple

Here's a simple manicure over Jessica Cosmetics Soho in Love. I'm so excited over the yellow!!
Stamping with Jessica Cosmetics Prime Collection

Stamping with Jessica Cosmetics Prime Collection

So there you have it! These all stamp, but some are better than others. Everything about Yellow is amazing. I'm so happy to have a yellow that stamps! I love polishes that do double duty. Awesome formula and awesome stamping.

Each polish retails for $9.00 and can be purchased at the links below. 

Jessica Cosmetics: SHOP, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest

Products in the post were provided for honest review.  

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  1. Replies
    1. Definitely better over lighter colors but I'm still impressed!

  2. I love this mani! It reminds me of some adult coloring I did a few days ago.

  3. Nice to know they stamp! Using them over light colors is definitely the way to go.

    1. Yea...they just aren't opaque enough for black. Maybe medium dark colors.

  4. I love that these stamp! I need more versatile polishes in my arsenal!

    1. Same! If I can find normal polishes that stamp, I'm happy!

  5. I really like how the yellow pops over the white!


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