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Top Nail Arts of 2015 by Ehmkay Nails!

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Happy New Year's Eve! Tomorrow marks a new year and before that, I wanted to share some of my personal favorite nail arts that I have done this year! Sometimes, my favorites get overlooked, by myself too, over the course of a year, and looking back and being proud of your accomplishments (in nail art and ANYTHING) is always important!

Top Nail Arts of 2015 by Ehmkay Nails!

Before you look at the nail art, I just want to thank you for sticking around and reading my blog! I am not always consistent because of life (this isn't my job! Just a fun hobby) but yet, you do come and hopefully, enjoy my art. While most bloggers are doing top whatever lists of indies and mainstreams, it's those polishes that I use to create art. Links to each post is in the title after the number in case you want more details!

1. Wintry Birch Trees: I love the simplistic but ethereal look of this nail art. So simple yet elegant. I already want to recreate them!

2. Hot Cocoa Nails: Finding inspiration from a car theft video game? WHY NOT? Obsessed with the mixture of hot cocoa and polka dots.

3. Neon Watermelons: These aren't your average watermelons! I like taking polish collections and creating somewhat abstract art.

4. Neon Easter Egg Dots: This actually came out with a kawaii type look. Again, not much talent needed here, but I loved the combination of colors!

5. Galaxy Dotticure with Constellations: I am really proud of this one. Inspired by Elspeth McClean, I went all out with this manicure. The nail art was even featured in Nail It! Magazine!

6. Orange Neon Ombre Stripes: I love using polished from one brand. Orly does neons right, and apparently I purchase a lot of oranges from them! These kind of look like zebra stripes too!

7. Whimsical Lollipop Flowers: I joined the Nail Challenge Collaborative this month and have been loving it for inspiration for nail art! The theme was flowers, and this was a result.

8. Graffiti Brush Nail Art: This was actually featured on Hello Giggles! More no talent needed art, and sometimes that is the best art!

9. Cherry Blossoms: Who knew dots could make cherry blossoms?! I happened to go to a Botanical Garden too that week and it was perfect!

10. Neon Matte Stripes: Again, I like looking for inspiration in what I own. I love this tank top and had to mimic it!

11. Harley Quinn:   This is one of my most pinned nail arts! It's fairly simple but it was well loved!

12. Neon Gradient with Stamping and Studs: These nails were loud and awesome. It's what I wore for my first day to teach the Fall 2015 semester too.

13. Squiggly Necklace Inspiration: One of my favorite necklaces recreated into nail art. Who knew random squiggle lines could be so cool?

14. Jessica Cosmetics La Vie Boheme Dotticure: I love dots. It's a theme. My favorite collection of the year together for a autumnal rainbow dotticure.

15. Witch Hats: A recreation of nails from 3 years ago, I was obsessed with this easy and fun Halloween look.

16. Wood Grain Nails inspired by JORD. Wood grain nails made for a simple look.

17. Fuzzy Ghosts. What?! A nice mix of a classic Halloween motif taken up a notch.

18. Gumball Nails: I loved my Halloween costume! Had to match it.

19. Multicolored Floral Dotticure: Inspired by another blogger, dots can be turned into anything. Seriously, I'm realizing how much I love dots!

20. 24K Gold and White Monochrome Nails: I loved the monochrome prompt from NCC and these nails were super fancy and delicate.

21. 35th Anniversary Nails: Had to celebrate my parent's anniversary with some jade and coral sparks!

 22. OPI Fall Flake Gradient: Simple, striking, bling. Just wow.

23. Sponged Leopard Print: My first time doing leopard print and I am totally hooked. I love love love love these nails.

24. Starbucks Fall Cup: Again, more inspiration from things around me. I just loved this Starbucks Fall design.

25. Chanukah Ornaments: Sparkly Chanukah ornaments. Can't beat that.

26. Holiday Penguins with Candy Canes: These are adorable. The only skill needed is for candy canes and you can leave them out!

27. Christmas Poinsettias: This manicure was totally by mistake and then I rocked it for Christmas. Classic and chic.

28. New Year's Eve Bows:For some reason, this manicure really wrapped up my new year!

Phew! It was really fun looking back at every month.Of course, I have done way more art than this, but I had to limit myself! I hope you enjoyed my art this year and will continue to next year! Don't forget to follow me at the links below so you can see what I have in store for next year!

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