Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Field of Poppies Nail Art

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Happy Memorial Day! While most get excited for a three day weekend (and who wouldn't?) it is important to remember what this day is all about. So much of my family served for this country, and I am proud to have members who have supported the US. Please remember our veterans and all that they do.

Memorial Day Field of Poppies Nail Art

Every year I buy a poppy from one of the veterans at the grocery store or wherever I see one stationed. I always wear one for my grandfather. According to the Memorial Day government web site, "The practice of wearing of poppies  [in honor of America's war dead] takes its origin from the poem In Flanders Fields, written in 1915 by John McCrae." What a wonderful way to honor those who served. So for this manicure, I decided to paint a field of poppies.

I just received my new nail art brushes from Born Pretty Store. You can find this specific set and other nail art supplies with this link For $5.46, you get 7 brushes to use for different types of nail art. This was the perfect opportunity to utilize this brush set. I've labeled the brushes below so you can understand which one I used for each detail. 

Born Pretty Nail Art Brush Set

I started with two coats of Zoya Rocky and allowed it to dry. Then using the fan brush, I dipped the center of the fan brush in white and dabbed it in circular motions for clouds. Fan brushes are intimidating looking but they actually create perfect clouds!

Memorial Day Field of Poppies Nail Art

Using Striper Brush #1 and #2, I took three different greens (Zoya Josie, Barry M Spring Green, and Sinful Colors Pistache) to create random sprigs of grass. Because of the perspective, some of the grass will go over the clouds. That's okay. Imagine (or google) a field of poppies. 

Then with Brush #1, I created the random poppies with Dior Tie and Dye. Some are full poppies and some are partial. Then I cleaned Brush #1 with acetone and dabbed in the black parts of the poppy. Lastly, using the dotting tool, I added the last detail of the poppy.  I finished the look with one coat of top coat.

Memorial Day Field of Poppies Nail Art

Memorial Day Field of Poppies Nail Art

Memorial Day Field of Poppies Nail Art

I hope you enjoy my nail art tribute to Memorial Day. I'm very happy with my result and these brushes. I think my grandfather would have loved my tribute to Memorial Day. So please don't forget the meaning of today and always support our troops. 

I love the precision of these brushes. They allowed my vision of poppies to come to fruition. If you want to place an order, you can get 10% off your order with the discount code PDX31 at checkout. There is a variety of merchandise at the store and many items are already on sale AND you can use this code for an additional 10% off!

You can follow Born Pretty  on Tumblr at bornpretty2014 and on Instagram at bornprettystore.

The nail art brushes were provided for honest review. 

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