Thursday, February 6, 2014

Valentine's Day Nail Art: Emily De Molly Bellissima

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While this may not be EXACTLY nail art, it's super sweet, delicate, and incredibly feminine. If you don't like to do nail art but want something more than one color, let me suggest a gradient with glitter. Even if you aren't great at gradients, when you put glitter over it (something not too dense), it smooths out the lines and kind of mushes the polishes together.

On my Instagram, people ask me how I gradient. Honestly, I put a drop of polish on tin foil and dab a makeup sponge on to it, then on to my nail. I don't do anything special like painting the sponge the colors, or make a mess on my cuticles. Just dab it on.

I started with two coats of my favorite white, Orly Au Champagne, which dries to a gorgeous satin finish. Then I dabbed on China Glaze Sexagon. Sexagon is pretty sheer when using it to gradient, so I did two coats of this gradient. Then I added one coat of Emily De Molly Bellissima. Bellissima is a silver, holographic, lilac, and pink glitter topper in a clear base. I love the large circles--it makes the glitter stand out and not be too delicate. What more can I say but LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love Hardware, which is like Bellissima's gold sibling. If Emily de Molly keeps coming out with these types of glitter toppers, I will keep buying!

 Emily De Molly Bellissima

 Emily De Molly Bellissima

 Emily De Molly Bellissima

 Emily De Molly Bellissima
I am just so in love with this glitter. Everything about it. 

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