Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Nail Art: Cutesy Heart Gradient

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I have a pile of about 45 nail polishes I want to use before Valentine's Day so I'm trying to think of nail art that uses tons of polishes in one mani. If I could get through 25, I'll be satisfied, haha. Here's a fun manicure that I wore for 6 days because I got sick, but it held up. Lots of nail polish muggles loved this and asked me if it was nail polish appliques, but nope, all freehand. And super easy. You should try it!

I started with three very thin coats of Dior Tutu. For a pale pink, this was the most even formula I have ever used. If I were more careful, I probably could have used two. 

Using Zoya Bobbi, Illamasqua Ouija, and Zoya Rory, I painted hearts from dark to light. All these polishes have a great foil shimmer, so it created a consistent look. I just painted two dots and then dragged them down to connect them. Easiest way to paint a heart. 

Cutesy Heart Gradient

Cutesy Heart Gradient

Cutesy Heart Gradient

Cutesy Heart Gradient

Dior Tutu

It wasn't perfect, but that's how it goes with hand painted nail art. Do you like it?

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