Monday, November 25, 2013

Autumn Skitlette

Here's a fun little skitlette I did.  Basically, I'm teaching so much, art has taken a back seat, and all I have time for are these type of skitlette color combos.

For three of my nails, I started with two coats of Rescue Beauty Lounge Turn Around--an olive green polish with copper shimmer. It is soooo beautiful but I had really terrible tip wear within a day, sigh. Then on my pinky and thumbs, I used two coats of Cirque French Roast over one coat of Zoya Cheryl.

For my middle nails, I did a gradient of Cirque French Roast and then used Hit Polish Autumn Harvest over that. Short and simple.

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  1. What a perfect Fall mani! I really need to try RBL Turn it Around!

    1. It was just okay. This whole mani was just okay haha. I love Cirque French Roast tho!


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