Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Explosion on My Nails!

I don't really know what to call this. I had the idea in my head and I think it came out just like how I imagined it! I consider the one glitter diagonal with dots one of my signature manis, and I haven't done it in quite some time. I pulled out a bunch of my "Halloween" glitters and said "This is the best way to use them all!!"

Thumb: Wet n Wild Tombstone Once Upon a Time with Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings
Index: Zoya Savita with Tony Moly Orange Glitter (no names, sorry).
Middle: China Glaze Limonyte (omg, so amazing) with Lynnderella Cauldron Drippings
Ring: Crique Polish Arms and Armory with Hit Polish Witches Brew
Pinky: China Glaze Riveting with Red Dog Designs Pumpkin Toss

Then using the four other colors, I added the dots. These were loud and fun, and really screamed fun Halloween to me. Just a side note: the Tony Moly looks like it is curling, but it's absolutely not. It was completely flat with one coat of top coat. The Lynnderella took three. Oof. And unfortunately, those nails chipped really fast and gave me a sad. You can see that there was shrinkage with so much top coat too. Oh well. 

Halloween Explosion
Halloween Explosion
Halloween Explosion
Halloween Explosion

Halloween Explosion
Halloween Explosion base
Do you like this simple idea? Halloween is so close! I feel like I haven't gotten to do as much art as I normally have (I mean I think it's been like 6 manis), but I do have an epic one to show you! Plus  I have one more simple one in my head with this color scheme.

Keep coming back this week for more Halloween and a Breast Cancer Awareness mani! I've already got a few more autumn-inspired manis and comparisons that I've done to show you in November.

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