Sunday, October 6, 2013

Falling for Nail Art: Bobbing for Apples

I realize I am a bit behind, but still, I will be posting nail art for you because it's pretty no matter what day I post it. I actually didn't love this one. I did a manicure like this with acorns and it came out AMAZING (will post it later this week). So I figured let's try this for apples--well, it was kind of busy. It happen. 

I started with a base of No. 7 Star Shower which is a gorgeous brown with blue flecks. It was a little sheer but needed three coats (pictures of it alone are end the end of the post). I then used Pomegranate Polish Autumnesque and Sinful Colors Olympia to draw the apples and other base colors for accents.

Using these two colors and China Glaze TTYL, Avon Starburst, and A England St. George, I created a random dotticure. At first glance, you can't really tell the ring and thumb are apple accents, but hey, it IS bobbing for apples!
Bobbing for Apples Nail Art
Bobbing for Apples Nail Art
Bobbing for Apples Nail Art
Bobbing for Apples Nail Art
Bobbing for Apples Nail Art

No. 7 Star Shower
I have a special post for my sister coming up (and actually Gotham Polish previewed my manicure on her Instagram when we met at the Cirque Polish booth at Artist & Fleas) so I may put the challenge on hold for a little but Halloween is coming up so you know I'll have art for that!

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