Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cirque Polish New Collection Preview, Haul, and Brooklyn Fun

Sorry for the late night post, but sometimes these things are NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW. I last minute decided (as in, late last night) to attend Cirque's sample sale and I am SO glad I did. Originally, I was going to send my sister and wrote her a meticulous list of my epic wants. But, seeing that new collection in person and meeting Annie, the creator and maker of Cirque Polish, made it worth it!

Annie was so down to earth and said I was more than welcome to take pictures, so I thought I would give you the scoop. The new collection is a mix of glitter toppers, holographic polishes, metallics, and opaque glitters. There is something for everyone (and even my sister, who isn't obsessed with polish like me, bought something!)

I was a good girl and only bought four from the new collection, but did get 8 others. First, here are the nail wheel swatches. Right now the polishes and collection do not have names, but I can't wait to here the theme!

First, we have the metallics, opaque glitters, and holographic polishes. I mentioned to Annie that the blue looked like the elusive OPI DS Glamor and she said she didn't have that one, so she recreated it. It looks SPOT ON! You'll want to enlarge these. 

Cirque Polish New Collection
 Here are the glitter toppers which are amazing. We've got a metallic square glitter topper, matte rainbow topper, a pastel glitter, an iridescent glitter/flakie. Really, everyone will be satisfied.

Cirque Polish New Collection
Here are close ups on the new collection polishes that I purchased. Again, these aren't named yet.

There are stars in the one on the right!

Here is the other 8 from my haul from earlier collections.

Top Row L to R: Cypress, Lonesome George, Fascination Street, Alter Ego

Bottom Row L to R: Galinda, French Roast, XX, Ophelia
Despite the humidity and terrible thunderstorms, my sister and I walked to the Brooklyn Smorgasburg Food Flea Market when we were done with Artists and Fleas. We got an amazing vegetarian chorizo arepa (which I posted on my Instagram) and a homemade s'mores. We tasted crazy chocolates and had a wonderful day. Lastly, we finished the night at Veneiro's, our favorite Italian pastry place in Manhattan.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this quick preview of the new collection! Have a great rest of your weekend.

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  1. It looks like you had an amazing day thank you for sharing it

    1. Of course! I was excited to get a sneak preview so I needed to share with everyone!

  2. WOW!! Awesome. Just awesome! I wish I could meet Annie and BUY ALL THE CIRQUES!!!

    1. Hahah, I did not buy all, but I bought enough. :-P


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