Saturday, June 16, 2012

Glitter. Gradient. Graduation.

So as I continue my week showing you my most meaningful nail art, I realize there are different variations of nail art. This one is much more accessible for anyone to do and I got asked all day who did my nails when I wore this look.

I love glitter. It is no secret. But for My Masters Commencement, I wanted to be somewhat classy. Glitter gradients can really look intricate with not much work. I really think this was the perfect balance of fun, glitzy, and sophisticated.

I started with two thicker coats of OPI Don't Touch My Tutu, which is a great white jelly. Then I ripped off a small piece of a makeup sponge. Putting a small amount of polish on a piece of tin foil (which I re-use from prior glitter removal), I dab the sponge onto the polish and on my nail.

I used OPI Pirouette My Whistle, then Dollish Polish Heart of Glass, and finished the tips with China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara. I have to say, I loved this look! Heart of Glass has a sheer linear holographic base with holographic shards and it added that extra oomph to this manicure. 

Blurred here to show off the holographic goodness

Have you tried a glitter gradient? It's one of my favorite looks and is so simple to achieve. What were you favorite color combos? Until tomorrow...

P.S. Any Office fans out there? Because after I wrote my title, I totally thought of Dwight Schrute says "Beets. Bears. Battlestar Galactica."


  1. This looks awesome! Really pretty.

    1. Thank you! I literally just got my graduation pictures in the mail, and I was really happy how my nails looked while holding my diploma!


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