Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Spring Abstract Dry Brush Nail Art

Press sample

A frequent commenter on my blog (I don't know your name because it's labeled Anonymous so please let me know your name!!) mentioned loving the method I did on my Naturel 4 nails and when I looked at it, I immediately said it's been too long; I must do that look again! Well, I am FEELING spring pastels so that is what drove this look. 

I really wanted to do my same look but make it pastel. I love pastel nails probably more than other colors. Yes, they can be a pain to apply, but I just love them!

Here are all the colors I used:

  • Base: Morgan Taylor Barely Buff, 1 coat
  • Flakes: KBShimmer All Present and Accounted For, 2 coats 
  • Yellow: Jessica Cosmetics Sunglow
  • Green: Jessica Cosmetics Love You Very Matcha 
  • Pink: Jessica Cosmetics Valley Girl
  • Purple: Jessica Cosmetics Caribbean Cooler
  • Dots: Duri Cosmetics Speck-tackularly Me


This is such an easy look! The flakes on the bottom just elevated the look. All you have to do is remove most of the polish off your brush and brush it on your nail! Do this in random directions. I do one colors at a time across all my nails because it's faster. Then I add random dots to complete the look.


Now, I realllly wanted to matte this. I don't know why, but I always like to matte my art the next day. Well, 6 days later, and my nails chipped so badly. So you get to see the look on three nails because I chipped half my nail off. I've cooked A TON the past week for holidays so my nails were way chippier than normal. Either way, this is stunning matte!


Anonymous, I just want you to know I appreciate each and every comment and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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  1. I love that you did this manicure and I feel like you did it for me. I love the spring colors. You make your manicures look so perfect. Thanks for sharing 💜
    Your biggest fan north of the border

    1. Hi Tami! So great to know your name! I did do this mani for you because you inspired me to take a look back at older looks. It's not perfection at all, but I appreciate it! :)

    2. Thank you 💜


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