Friday, December 17, 2021

Christmas Plaid with Zoya Nostalgic

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Good evening, all. I have so many ideas for nail art but then I put one on, love it, and keep it on for a week. This is the case with this manicure which I am dubbing a Christmas plaid. Some of the colors in the Zoya Nostalgic collection just screamed holidays despite it being a fall collection.  So I put them together to create this festive plaid art. Let's get to it!


Nostalgic did not have a cream color as a base so I had to pull from another brand. I wanted it to be a lighter color so the plaid could pop. I used the pink, red, and green and you can see just how festive they look together.

Colors used: 

  • Zoya Rumi as the big pink stripe
  • Zoya Mila as the dark red stripe 
  • Zoya Cooper as the green stripe 
  • Jessica Cosmetics Moose Milk as base 

You think this would have taken me forever but it was actually fairly quick to do all 10 nails. I just love the color combination and how this looked and I just did not want to take it off. So of course this means that I will not have as many holiday nail arts as I had planned because I am currently wearing another one that I did not want to take off.


To achieve this look, I first did the thick stripe of Rumi. Then I added the lines within Rumi using Mila. Lastly, I added my green stripe of Cooper.

Here it is in matte. I actually wore this one shiny but was curious how it looked matte. Which do you prefer?


All these colors are available now!

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