Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Nail Art: Easter Eggs Nail Art with Paint Box Polish Ciao, Gelato Collection

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For my last Easter nail art, I wanted pastels all the way! What better way to do this than with the new Ciao, Gelato collection. My students raved over this manicure, so let's see if you enjoy it. It isn't anything new, but the Gelato collection works so well together and this manicure emphasizes that.
Easter Nail Art: Easter Eggs Nail Art

I used 6 out of the 8 new Gelato collection colors: Puffo (blue), Melone (orange), Fragola (pink), Ananas (yellow), Pistacchio (green), Fruiti di Bosco (purple). 

I painted each nail a different color. 2-3 coats depending on the colors. (You can see my full review of each color HERE.) I let the base dry for 5-10 minutes before doing art. 

Then I added drops of nail polish onto my artist palette (which is a piece of tin foil) and with a dotting tool and a striping brush, I randomly added squiggles and dots. I didn't think about it too hard beyond not putting orange dots on the orange nails (duh). The more random the designs, the better! I topped it all with one coat of top coat and this is what my mani is right now!
Easter Nail Art: Easter Eggs Nail Art

Easter Nail Art: Easter Eggs Nail Art

Easter Nail Art: Easter Eggs Nail Art

Easter Nail Art: Easter Eggs Nail Art

The Ciao, Gelato Collection is available NOW. Each polish retails for $9. Paint Box Polish also released these in mini sizes, which are 8mL (larger than normal minis) for $5.25 each! Use EHMKAY for 15% off your order! Stay up to date and purchase Paint Box Polish by clicking on the links below:  

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  1. Such a fun mani!! The colors play so well together, and you've captured it beautifully!


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