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Cosmoprof NA 2015 Recap 1: Jessica Cosmetics, Color Club, OPI

Nothing to Disclose

Over the week, I will be posting what I saw at Cosmoprof (well what I am allowed to post!). There's so much going on, I can't possibly show you it all in one post, unless you have a long attention span, so I'm going to break it up. I'm going to go in order with what I saw, so let's begin.

JESSICA COSMETICS: I can't explain how much I love this brand. I wish it were more readily available in stores because the online swatches on their site don't do them justice. Their cremes are always wonderful with excellent formulas. First, they had their signature nail polish chandelier (all filled with REAL bottles!). They changed the colors this year, but still stunning. I want one for my nail polish room.

Here's the gorgeous Fall 2015 collection. I'll have swatches of these as we come close to fall, but they are really beautiful cremes with some surprising pops of brightness!

We got a sneak peek of some neons for summer 2016 and spring 2016 colors in the works too! They are gorgeous!

Next they discussed their new products: Phenom. I have a few of these to review and the colors are beautiful. There are 24 core colors in the Phenom Collection and they will also come in starter kits with pre-chosen colors. Phenom is gel-like polish but you can use your existing Jessica treatments.

They also will re-release their Zen spa pedi line. There's microderm foot scrubs that feel and smell amazing with lemongrass! You can see the Zen Spa pedi line on their retail store online.

Here are some limited edition holiday sets for Holiday 2015 and Breast Cancer Awareness.

COLOR CLUB: Color Club has  A LOT going on this upcoming year. I was really impressed with all the new items coming out. 

First is Mr. Nail Art! This will include TONS of nail art charms and glitters to add a special touch to your manicures! These will range around $3.

Everyone's favorite mainstream holos, The Halo Hues, will be coming out with NEW shades. These are more dimensional with flashes of shimmer. Really gorgeous. Available now!

Then the oil slicks--any duochrome lover will want these! Available now!

The Matte Rough Collection is awesome! It's not a traditional matte and it's not rough like a texture. It's something in between and totally new. Releasing September 1, 2015. 

Cabin Fever for Fall 2015, available August 2015. This is a beautiful creme collection!

Like most seasonal collections, there will be mini sets (as you will see with the winter collection.)

Here's the swatch wheel for Frostbite, the winter 2015 collection.

Color Club also teamed up with NCAA, and they will have nail stickers and sets to coordinate with college football teams! This is awesome if you go to any of these schools and want to support your team on your nails!

How awesome is the packaging for the gel polishes from Color Club?! They also will have holo gels! I feel liek Color Club is really listening to their customers. 

They are also releasing and re-releasing new top and base coats as well as cuticle oils!

OPI: I was able to run through OPI and see some of their new collections. I can't show you everything I saw but I can say get excited for some adorable collaborations!

The Venice Collection is the Fall 2015 collection which will be coming out any minute. It's mostly cremes but some really gorgeous ones in there. 

Next is the Winter 2015 collection, Starlight! We've got the typical holiday shimmers and then wow, CHEVRON glitters! So exciting!

The Starlight collection will also come out in gels!

A closer look at those chevron glitter!

Here's the most recent line of OPI Infinite Shines, which are gel-like polishes. I had no idea of the range of the Infinite Shine line!

 Phew! See why I said I have to break these up?! I'll have Zoya, Orly, China Glaze (you do NOT want to miss this!) and Morgan Taylor for the next recap so stay tuned!

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