Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Takko Lacquer Heart Shaped Box

Nothing to Disclose

Today I have a little swatch of Takko Lacquer Heart Shaped Box. This polish came out as a mystery polish around Valentine's Day. I didn't get it then because I'm not into mysteries, but picked it up during her sale last month because, why not?

Takko Lacquer Heart Shaped Box

Let's talk about this polish. Pink, holo, flakies: I should love it. And I do! But only in the sunlight. In the sun, Heart Shaped Box is a vibrant pink polish with a tiny bit of holo and awesome multichrome flakes that mostly pull black. 

Takko Lacquer Heart Shaped Box
Here is a close up of the flakes, they really are awesome. 

Takko Lacquer Heart Shaped Box

Takko Lacquer Heart Shaped Box

Here's the polish in the shade where it completely transforms, and maybe not in the best way for my skin tone. It pulls super metallic/frost like and looks kind of "old lady" mauve on my skin. I'm glad I waited for sun, because this is not flattering on me in this way. 

Takko Lacquer Heart Shaped Box

I can't decide. Do I keep a polish that looks great in the sunlight but meh in the shade? Not just meh, but kind of unflattering?

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  1. WOW this really is quite unique - and super pretty!

    1. I do love it but am torn on how it looks in the shade!


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