Sunday, February 22, 2015

Girly Pink Manicure with OPI Nail Lacquer

Nothing to Disclose
Hi all! Sorry for my lack of posts lately. I've actually been very sick lately and it's totally taken a toll on my blog. I hope you forgive me!

For today, I have a pinky girly manicure I wore because February is the month of love (actually, all of them  are!)

OPI DS Tourmaline with OPI Minnie Style

My cousin got my OPI DS Tourmaline and it is the ultimate girly nail polish. It's a super pretty texture polish with iridescent glitter. I used one coat of top coat. While it's really pretty, it chipped quickly on me so I need to play around with base coat.

For my middle two nails, I used two coats of A England Briar Rose and topped it with one coat of OPI Minnie Style which I picked up on clearance for 97 cents. I figured why not? Then I added heart and flower studs around my cuticles. Really seriously the most girly manicure.

OPI DS Tourmaline with OPI Minnie Style

OPI DS Tourmaline with OPI Minnie Style

OPI DS Tourmaline with OPI Minnie Style

OPI DS Tourmaline with OPI Minnie Style

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  1. Oh you are right - DS Tourmaline truly is sooo girly!

    1. I wish I wore it as a full mani though. It's so bright, it's almost neon (at least on my skin tone)


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