Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sparitual Kindness with Tony Moly Glitter

Nothing to Disclose

Here's a pretty random manicure I did; yes it's out of "season" but I love these types of oranges all year long! And this Tony Moly glitter is simply awesome!

Sparitual Kindness with Tony Moly Glitter 

When I saw the Tony Moly glitter, I knew I wanted an orange base. I started with a base of Sparitual Kindness , a lovely burnt orange with a strong golden shimmer.  It has a lovely formula at two coats. I really need to get more Sparitual polishes (and you can frequently find them on clearance at Ulta or at TJ Maxx!)

I then did a gradient using the Tony Moly glitter. Unfortunately, these polishes don't really have names, just obscure numbers and letters. This was an orange glitter in a clear base with added purple and iridescent glitter. I love the different shapes likes squares and glitters. And this was under $3. It's a great deal. 

Sparitual Kindness  with Tony Moly Glitter 

Sparitual Kindness with Tony Moly Glitter 

Sparitual Kindness with Tony Moly Glitter 

Sparitual Kindness with Tony Moly Glitter 

I'm already craving the fall weather again even though it's long gone to cold winter days. I haven't been wearing darker colors--I think I'm just a person who enjoys brighter colors always!

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  1. This is a beautiful orange for autumn and winter - I love the addition of glitter!


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