Sunday, November 9, 2014

Polish TBH Moon Jelly and Cuticle Oil

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Quick post today as it is a beautiful fall Sunday and I am off to enjoy it! Today I have a gorgeous jelly polish and cuticle oil from Polish TBH, so check it out!

Polish TBH Moon Jelly and Cuticle Oil

 Moon Jelly is a purple jelly with satin purple glitter and blue microglitter. The microglitter give off this awesome shimmer-like look. Because it is a jelly, it needs thin coats as it is sheer. I used three thin coats. The glitter dispersed well over the nails. I topped it with one coat of top coat. Look at the depth of the glitter because of the jelly base!

Polish TBH Moon Jelly

Polish TBH Moon Jelly
Polish TBH Moon Jelly

I also got to try Polish TBH Cuticle oil! It's made with a lot of great ingredients like jojoba, coconut, and grapeseed oil. The Harvest Apple scent (which is apple, pear, cranberry, almond, and vanilla) smells really great and isn't too heavily scented. This oil takes a little bit of time to absorb so it's great to use it for a deep treatment while you are watching tv or something.

Polish TBH Moon Jelly and Cuticle Oil

Polish TBH Cuticle Oil

Polish TBH Cuticle Oil, absorbed

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Products in the post were provided for honest review. 

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