Saturday, September 20, 2014

Born Pretty Dreamlike Animal Water Decals

When I saw these "dreamlike animal" decals, they immediately reminded me of vintage patterns from the 70s (even though I wasn't alive then). They are so cute, I can't handle it. The stonewashed colors give it a distinctive look so I thought I would brighten them up.

Dreamlike Animal Water Decals

These dreamlike animal decals are water decals, meaning you soak the chosen patterns in water for 30 seconds, then with tweezers, pull the decals off and place them on your nails. I recently had to trim down to shorties and decals actually expand in water, so the one deer took up my whole nail!

Dreamlike Animal Water Decals

Dreamlike Animal Water Decals

Dreamlike Animal Water Decals

Dreamlike Animal Water Decals

You can find this specific set HERE as well as other types of decals and stickers and other nail art supplies OR at You get a large sheet of them that will last multiple manis. Remember, they expand, so you can't possible use them all at once.

Decals are a fun way to add add you can't possible free hand unless you are simply amazing, and for $2.86, the sheet should last you at LEAST 4 manicures, depending how many you use per mani. If you want to place an order, you can get 10% off your order with the discount code PDX31 at checkout. There is a variety of merchandise at the store and many items are already on sale AND you can use this code for an additional 10% off!

You can follow Born Pretty  on Tumblr at bornpretty2014 and on Instagram at bornprettystore.

The nail art decals were provided for honest review.

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  1. I was alive then, and you are right, very reminiscent of the times! This looks gorgeous!

    1. The washed out colors and the style of them is so vintage!


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