Thursday, June 5, 2014

Plaid Nail Art with Zoya Naturel Collection

I recently acquired 4/6 of the Zoya Naturel collection. I really loved these neutrals and oh man, the formula of these polishes are amazing! I cannot believe how smooth and creamy these polishes were. If you love these colors, I highly recommend them for their formula alone!

Zoya Naturel Plaid Nail Art

I wanted to practice some line work since I usually just use a polish brush to do my lines. I first laid down two coats of Zoya Rue, which again, had perfect formula (and could be a careful one coater!). Then with the polish brush, I did one thick horizontal stripe of Zoya Odette. 

Zoya Naturel Plaid Nail Art
After allowing it to dry for about 5 minutes, I used Zoya Normani (the brownish color) to do super thin lines around Odette. To paint these lines, I used a nail art striping brush (you can find sets for cheap on Amazon). As always, I drop polish onto a piece of foil and don't dip my tools into the polish bottle.

Lastly, using Zoya Brigitte, I did more lines to create the plaid look. 

Zoya Naturel Plaid Nail Art

Zoya Naturel Plaid Nail Art

Zoya Naturel Plaid Nail Art

What do you think of my take on plaid? I definitely need more practice for cleaner lines, but this was fairly easy and was super pretty to wear. I see myself going back to the Naturels a lot.

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