Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kiko 456 Teal Green Holiday Sugar Mat Collection

If you didn't know by this post that I was addicted to textures, maybe if I tell you that I have added at least 20 more textures to my collection (there's no stopping this addiction), now you'll believe me. I missed out on most of the Kiko Sugar Mat polishes from their first set (I managed to find three of them this past August in France though). When I saw the Holiday Sugar Mat set, no swatches needed, I immediately set up a swap for them. And they are soooooo stunning. The Kiko Holiday Sugar Mats are all sparkly and stunning. I needed a quick mani change, and I chose the teal green to match my teal pants.

Kiko 456 Teal Green

Kiko 456 Teal Green, no flash

Kiko 456 Teal Green, with flash
 I can't believe how well this polish matched my pants!
Kiko 456 Teal Green
Two easy coats of Kiko Tea; Green (456). Dries super fast. Once it dries, the sparkle sets and it simply looks stunning. These also last so long, so if you need a manicure to last, use a texture!

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  1. Replies
    1. You don't LOL. It was the newest holiday sugar mat set. You DO need it tho. Get the whole set. Do it. JK cause I think it sold out.


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