Friday, March 29, 2013

The Nail Junkie Bouquet

When I saw the swatch photos of this polish, I knew it would be my first Nail Junkie. The polish is gorgeous, but there is a bit of preparation. While I realize separation is normal (as many of my older OPIs and Zoyas have separated), this polish completely separated within a week of purchase. Let's get to the good stuff:

First, Jen at My Nail Polish Obsession and I decided we would start something fun with all the polishes that we both own. This is our first installment of our twin day, which we both posted to our blogs and Instagram. Find Jen on Instagram here. The polish is a gorgeous mauve-pink type color (you can see it was impossible to photograph) with a slight shimmer and blue and green glitter. I used ONE coat of this polish, which is pretty amazing.

I noticed when I got the polish, all the glitter had completely sunken. I chalked it up to the shipping, as that happens. I shook and shook and could not get it off the bottom. I put it upside down for 2 days and finally some results. Then, I had it standing up the correct way and 2 days later, the entire bottle was completely separated. All shimmer and glitter on the bottom, plain pink pigment, and a curious milky layer (about one inch) on the top. Maybe because this polish is super pigmented (hence one coat) or maybe the base is being cut, that it cannot support the pigment. All I know is separation should not be that fast. In order to wear this polish, I needed to turn the bottle upside for another 2 days and still, the shimmer never mixed in correctly. 

I alerted the maker of this polish, and she offered a refund and to make it right, which I declined. The thing is, the polish can still be used and IS still pretty, you just need to prep it. It's so awesome to find a polish that only needs one coat. I literally finished my nails in 8 minutes (with base and top coat).

The Nail Junkie Bouquet

The Nail Junkie Bouquet
The Nail Junkie Bouquet
The Nail Junkie Bouquet

Here are our twin nails! The actual color is sort of in between our pictures. Again, impossible to photograph! We will be doing these in the future. In fact, it's my fault this one is so late (whoops!)

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  1. My twin!! This was fun, we need to do another twin day!


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